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 The Benefits of Canine Detection Services 

Have you ever wondered why dogs can detect items? Every dog has the ability to smell things that humans cannot. Not every dog can become a detector dog. Only about 10% of all dogs are suitable for detection work. These few dogs have aptitudes that allow them to remain focused on the task of sniffing for long periods of time for the simple reward of play or treats. Most of these dogs are obsessed with balls and live to play. The game is to find the smell they are trained to find and then the reward is play! Contrary to rumors, dogs are never "addicted" to drugs so they can find them. Handlers carry emergency kits that can save the life of a dog that accidentally ingests a substance. A fully trained and certified detector dog is an expensive investment, with dog, training and equipment usually costing well over $10,000 per dog. To the dog, it's all about play!

Professional canine detection services can benefit families, businesses and schools. 
Professional K-9 detection services are often available to the private sector.  They can help in a family, business, or school setting, in a confidential manner, to search for the presence or recent presence of narcotics, firearms or explosives. These searches provide a sense of security. These private, confidential searches do not involve the police. You are free to deal with the situation as you see fit.  The rights of family members, employees, or students should not be violated. The information gained from these kinds of searches provide the opportunity for early intervention to address serious issues. Regular canine searches have proven to be a deterrent to illegal activities. 
K-9 detection teams provide valuable services for the private sector. 
The problem of illicit drugs and firearms or explosives in schools, at home, and at the workplace is a growing concern. Private searches of homes, businesses, schools, warehouses, parking lots and other areas can show where dangerous or illegal substances or objects may be hidden. Private sector searches should be conducted by professional canine teams who are not law enforcement officers for the purpose of early intervention.
Some of the advantages of these services are:
  • There is no police involvement unless initiated by the client.
  • K-9 searches act as a deterrent to illegal activities.
  • Items do not have to be opened to be searched by canines.
  • There are no violations of individual rights.
  • All work is confidential and very cost effective.
The courts have determined that searches of objects do not violate citizens rights to privacy under the Fourth Amendment. School officials, business owners, and parents may use K-9 detection teams to sniff objects that are not on or carried by an individual, but not the individual themselves. This allows the search of buildings, furniture and fixtures, storage areas, vehicles parked in lots and discarded or abandoned personal property.

If a canine alerts during a search, clients can be assured that any reasonable suspicion requirements have been satisfied, and may proceed with any further action they determine to be in their best interests.

 A Nose for Trouble - How the State Department Uses Bomb Detection Dogs
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They will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of their heart.

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